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Related article: Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 20:08:17 -0700 (PDT) From: Jon D Subject: After School With DadDisclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. Any similarity between my characters and real people, places, or events is merely a coincidence. This story contains descriptions of imagined sexual activity between a Dad and his teenage boy. If you are not 18 years old or if it is illegal where you live to read material of this kind, please stop here. If this story might offend you go to another site. Everyone have fun and enjoy. You are invited to send comments or story ideas to After School with Dad Preteen Vagina (Mb, masturbation, enema, incest) The school bus dropped me off just a little past three thirty as usual on the corner a block from my house. There are two other kids that live in the same neighborhood, but one goes to the High School, and the other is a girl in second grade. Oh, my name is Daren; I just turned thirteen and am in the 8th grade at Kennedy Middle Preteen Vagina School.I guess you could call me an average kid, 5'3" and 110 pounds, sandy brown hair, and the start of some muscles, but nothing really showing yet. I like sports and tend more toward soccer and baseball rather than football. Like I said, just an average kid. There is one thing though. I've had this weird fantasy. I can't get my Dad out of my mind.Mom died when I was little; I barely remember her. Dad got a job where he could work from home and take care of me until I started school. By that time he had grown a pretty good business, and was able to be home when I finished at school.Oh yeah, my fantasy. Dad is very good looking, takes care of himself, and it shows. I've seen him in the shower once and a while, like when I need to pee, and he has an awesome dick.Okay, I bet you're thinking a kid shouldn't be perving about his Dad this way. But I can't help it. My buddies are all talking about the girls in our class, what great tits they have and all. I can't stop thinking about Dad. Who knows, maybe I'm going to grow up liking guys. All I know is, my dick gets hard every time I think of him.* * * *"Hi Dad," I said with a grin as I came in the back door, tossed my book bag in the corner of the kitchen, and headed for the refrigerator."Hey kiddo," Dad said, rinsing some breakfast dishes he had just washed by hand. "Good day at school?""Yeah," I mumbled, stuffing a cookie in my mouth from the package that always sat on the counter.Dad glanced in my direction. "Sometimes the only way I recognize you is by looking at your rear end," Dad laughed, "It's all I ever see with your head buried in there most of the time," he nodded, as I pulled my head out from the fridge and looked his way.I giggled. "I can't help it if I'm hungry all the time!"Dad smiled, "I know, I know, you're just a growing boy!"I smiled at Dad as I drank some milk from the carton and stuffed another cookie in my mouth.I headed to my room to change, and then camped out by the television until supper. Dad had baked his legendary lasagna, and the aroma was incredible."Smells great," I said, sniffing the air and eagerly sitting down.Supper went well, with both of us enjoying one of our favorite dishes. Then, I helped Dad put things away and stack the dishwasher."Homework," Dad said gently, wiping the counter and tossing the soapy rag in the sink like he was shooting a free throw.I nodded, knowing an argument would only get me in trouble.* * * *I suppose it was almost two hours later when I finally closed the books."Tonight," I thought to myself, "Tonight, I'm going to do it." I had worked the plan out in my mind for weeks. Every detail carefully considered. The only thing I didn't know was how Dad was going to react."Dad?" I said quietly, standing in the doorway to the television room."Yeah, kiddo?""I don't feel so good," I moaned, lightly rubbing my tummy.I actually felt fine; this was just part of the plan."What's the problem?""My stomach hurts.""Too much candy at school again?" Dad laughed.I frowned, "I haven't gone for a few days, you know, taken a dump? I think I need a little help."Dad had given me an enema a few times when I was sick and had the same problem. Instead of hating them, I found I kind of liked the feeling of something going up my butt. Even better, it always gave me a damn good boner."Are you sure about that?" Dad asked softly, giving me a concerned look."Yeah," I whispered, "I think we need to do the enema thing."Dad thought for a moment. "Okay," he nodded. "I'll get the stuff Preteen Vagina ready; you go back to your room."I turned away from Dad, my dick twitched and started to stiffen. "So far, so good," I thought and grinned.* * * *I sat on my bed in my room stroking the front of my jeans. They were a little small for me. I'm growing so fast it's hard to keep me in a pair of pants that fit. So, they are almost always tight on my rear end. A couple of the girls have noticed, and sometimes give me a little pat on the ass when no one is looking. "Nice butt!" Jennifer likes to say, and we both usually laugh.I heard Dad in the bathroom. The cupboard door opened and closed. I knew he had dug out the enema bag, then the sound of the vanity drawer, "that has to be the Vaseline" I thought, then I heard water running.My stomach tightened. I got a little queasy as I nervously awaited Dad's return. "Hope this works!" I sighed, feeling my dick for, like, the tenth time in five minutes."I guess we're ready to go," Dad said gently Preteen Vagina as he entered my room, both hands full of stuff.I nodded and gave him a weak smile.Dad hung the bulging bag from the little hook screwed into my bunk bed and looked down. "Okay," he said.I nodded and unbuttoned my jeans, pulled down my zipper, and spread my pants open. I crawled toward the top of the bed and lay face down, tucking my face into the pillow. Dad set the tub of Vaseline near my head and sat down on the edge of the bed. He reached for my jeans and slowly pulled them down over my butt. I raised my hips as he shoved them down just past my knees. Then he reached for my briefs and pulled those down too. I felt his hand on my back as he pushed the soft cotton T-Shirt I was wearing up just a little, apparently to give him a better look at my ass. Finally, he tucked a towel under me in case of a spill.My cock was hard as a rock by this time, again just part of the plan. I closed my eyes and tried to savor every second as Dad gently rubbed my butt, seemingly trying to help me to relax. I'm very smooth and soft back there. His hand felt nice."Ready?" Dad asked.I nodded. He reached for the Vaseline, and popped the top off the jar. My ass quivered as he tenderly pulled my cheeks apart and gently started greasing my butthole."God, that feels good!" I thought, as Dad smeared the stuff around and then slowly pushed his finger into my rectum. "Oh shit!" I thought to myself as a wonderful feeling washed over me. "That's even better!" Dad moved around in there, making sure everything was slippery, inside and out.I whimpered in disappointment when Dad pulled his finger out."Okay, roll onto your side," Dad whispered.I did as I was told, barely holding back a smile. "Here it comes, the best part," I thought.Dad nudged me behind the knees. I bent my legs, pushing my fanny out. Then, he spread my butt cheeks and slowly inserted the enema tube into my ass. He pushed it a few inches into my butt and paused."You doing okay buddy?" He asked."Yeah," I moaned, "I think it needs to go in a little deeper though," I suggested, bending a bit more at the waist and pushing my rear end back toward Dad.I felt the tube slide in a little further, and then heard a soft click as Dad opened the clamp. Warm water started to flow into my ass."Almost there," I thought, checking off the steps of my plan in my head. I felt the warm water trickle in and slowly fill my bottom. My dick, already hard, seemed to get harder.A few minutes passed, and Dad reached over and slowly rubbed my tummy."How are you doing kiddo?"This was the moment I was waiting for. I put my hand on my Dad's and held it against my stomach. Then, I slowly pushed it down, lower, lower, until it was in the small growth of hair by my dick. Dad flinched when he felt my pubes, and tried to pull his hand away. I firmly moved it the last few inches to my cock and wiggled so that my dick went through his fingers.I moaned when I felt his hand touch my shaft. I humped into it a couple of times. This was it, this was the point that my plan would either work, or it would fail.Dad did what I hoped he would do, he wrapped his fingers around my dick and gave it a stroke. I suppose he was feeling how hard I was down there, and then he stopped. "Daren, do you want some help with that?" he finally whispered."Uh, huh" I whimpered.Dad gently held my dick as I made slow thrusts in and out of his hand. It felt awesome to have my Dad's hand on my cock. Then he took over. Several quiet minutes went by as Dad stroked me and tenderly played with my balls."Oh, Daddy," I moaned as he masturbated me.The enema tube in my ass, the warm water, my daddy's hand on my dick, it was all so incredible. A few more strokes and the tingle started. I thrust my hips back and forth pushing my cock quickly in and out of Dad's palm. He must have sensed I was close because he stopped stroking and just held on as I took over and did the work. It didn't take long. Soon, I was cumming, emptying my balls in long squirts. My juice shot out the end of my dick, into Dad's hand, and over the bed."Oh, Oh" I moaned as my cock throbbed, and warm gooey stuff spurt out. I couldn't have been happier.Dad slowly stroked me as I calmed down, and then took his hand away. I heard the click as he closed the clamp. The water stopped. I sucked in a few shallow breaths, overcome by the wonderful feeling of a great cum! I held my eyes closed trying to hold on to the moment, it had been magical.Perhaps a minute passed and I felt Dad's hand on my ass. He slowly pulled the hose out of my rear end and gently rubbed my butt. "Do you need the bathroom yet?"I let him touch me there a little longer, enjoying the feel of his hand, warm and tender on my ass. I finally nodded, "Yeah."I got up, pulled up my pants, and then hurried off to do my job. Dad walked in as I was finishing. As I sat there, my jeans and undies around my ankles, I slipped my hand between my legs and played with my sac."I guess you're growing up," he said with a little smile.I blushed, "I'm feeling better," I said, hoping he was still buying my `I'm not feeling well' story.Dad looked at me with love in his eyes. "Good," he said softly, "I'm glad I could help." * * * * This is just a one time story, but feel free to send me future story ideas or comments
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